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Hot Shots in Hollywood

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Reality star & NFL Player in GQ Magazine

Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush pose for GQ Magazine

Kim Kardashian & her boy toy Reggie Bush show how a reality super star and NFL player can make for a great photo shoot.
Anna Faris on the cover of Arena Magazine

Anna Faris on the cover of April's Arena Magazine

 Model turned actor Tyson Beckford recently expressed his dismay to MSNBC  about celebs taking coveted jobs from supermodels. The “Make Me A Supermodel” host on Bravo feels that celebs should stick to being actors and actresses and let the models do what they do..pose. Sorry Tyson, not everyone can be a model-turned actors like you. And let’s face it, celebs sell more magazines. Everyone gets airbrushed regardless of whether their thighs are pin thin or not (ahem…Kim Kadashian) and many A-list celebs getting those covers are both talented and very easy on the eyes. Here’s a few covers we thought you’d might like to peruse for your visual pleasure. 


Yes, that's Anna Faris

Yes, that's Anna Faris

Anna Faris  has been making us laugh with her Scary Movie trilogy and now returns to hilarity in Observe and Report with Seth Rogan. We always knew she was hysterical and these shots from her shoot for Arena   prove she is also one hot mama.


Leighton Meester gives high fashion a makeover

Leighton Meester gives high fashion a makeover

Why do we love Leighton Meester? Because we love her as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girls and we love what she’s wearing when she’s off set as well. InStyle  marked her own style in this month’s issue.

Leighton likes Marc Jacobs

Leighton likes Marc Jacobs

Scarlett Johansson radiates sophistication on the cover of  Paris Vogue this April. The accomplished Woody Allen regular not only has some serious acting chops but knows ho to strike a pose too. Dolce and Gabbana and Louis Vuitton  are some of the top brands that  have used her in past ad campaigns.

Scarlett Johansson: The cover of Paris Vogue

Scarlett Johansson: The cover of Paris Vogue

As Prince’s protege, ex-wife of a rocker and a former Baywatch cast member, Carmen Electra  has managed to keep her body intact. Pictures like this one below are why we reluctantly climb on the treadmill. Achieve Carmen’s curves in this Maxim Mexico spread with her Aerobic Striptease DVD.

Carmen Electra is the ultimate superbabe

Carmen Electra is the ultimate superbabe

 Do you think Richard Gere wishes he hadn’t let this one get away?

Cindy Crawford: One Hot Mama

Cindy Crawford: One Hot Mama

She’s 43, a mom and wifey to Hotelier Randy Gerber.  Here is Cindy Crawford looking nothing less than perfect in Allure.
Lindsay Lohan on cover of April's Nylon

Lindsay Lohan on cover of April's Nylon

LiLo has certainly had a few interesting years. She’s been arrested, done some stints in rehab and began a relationship with Samantha Ronson. Recently a film Lindsay stars in, slated for theatrical release, is now going straight to cable.  So why do you ask is Lindsay Lohan is gracing the cover of Nylon this month? We don’t know but we do know this. Lindsay is still gorgeous, we still think she’s talented and we hope that one day the Lindsay we love will return.

Will the real Lindsay please step forward?

Will the real Lindsay please step forward?

Today she’s Silk Spectre II. Next up is the movie Couple Retreat with Vince Vaugh.

 The new superhero starlet poses pretty for Maxim. Actress Malin Akerman did two months of hardcore workouts with her trainer so she could kick ass in her tiny latex costume in Watchmen. Clearly her hard work has paid off.
Our favorite Gossip Girls

Our favorite Gossip Girls

Rolling Stone  may have recently downsized the size of their magazine but it hasn’t stopped them from putting out sexy covers. This month’s issue brings together two stars of Gossip Girl. Leighton Meester & Blake Lively share a summertime treat.
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  1. GREAT write-up, Laura! I have to say the Anna piece was my favorite. That picture is stunning! Keep giving us the latest and greatest! 🙂

  2. Woah! Saucy Cindy Crawford photo! And I certainly hope LiLo makes a proper return to what made her famous. The shot of Kim and Reggie is sexy. I hope Reggie can keep his head clear and ready for the field, haha!

    Nice post!

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  5. I love the BLISS LAU jewelry!!!!

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