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Happy 28th Birthday Jessica Alba!

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 Everything Jessica Alba Day

Jessica at the African First Ladies' Health Summit Gala in Beverly Hills

Jessica at the African First Ladies' Health Summit Gala in Beverly Hills

In honor of one of Jessica Alba’s 28th birthday today, we decided to put together a little retrospective of everything Jessica. How did this hot mom celebrate her big day? According to Perez Hilton, Jessica spent this past Sunday celebrating with an 80’s themed birthday bash. On Monday she was spotted getting some shop therapy in Beverly Hills.


You probably remember Jessica from movies like Honey, Into The Blue and Sin City. But did you know Jessica started her fimography with a little movie callled Camp Nowhere in 1994? She began playing Max Guevera on Dark Angel in 2000. The series only lasted two years but we’ve seen Jessica come a long way since then. Long gone are the days that she gets to remian low profile. Check out how crazy the paps go when they caught her shopping recently in Beverly Hills.

Jessica Alba is one of the few women we have seen in person while pregnant without a stitch of make up and still manages to look stunning. You can find out how she bounced back into shape by clicking here. We caught her and hubby Cash Warren at the Inaugural events in Washington, D.C. where her little tiff with Bill O’Reilly officially began, which Jessica ended up bringing to her blog. What else can you expect from Jessica? Her next film, The Killer Inside Me starts shooting soon and is slated for a 2010 release. Oh and she likes to have staring contests. Yup, we are being totally serious. See it for yourself.


Actress Jessica Alba and Cash Warren arrive at "The Eye" premiere at the Pacific Cinerama Dome on January 31, 2008 in Hollywood, California.

Last year Alba had two big events, the birth of her daughter Honor Marie and Honor’s father, Cash Warren,  just three weeks before she gave birth. This brings Alba to the top of our list for hot moms in Hollywood.



And before we go, here is a look at the many sides and shades of Jessica Alba…..

The Dark Angel

The Dark Angel

Alba with Blonde Locks

Alba with Blonde Locks

The 2009 Spirit Awards

The 2009 Spirit Awards

With hubby Cash Warren in Washington, D.C.

With hubby Cash Warren in Washington, D.C.

At the premier of Good Luck Chuck

At the premier of Good Luck Chuck

Getting a ticket last weekend in LA

Getting a ticket last weekend in LA

A pic form her Campari Calendar, photoshopped or not?

A pic from her Campari Calendar, photoshopped or not?


Arriving at the Late Show with David Letterman

Arriving at the Late Show with David Letterman


Semi-Exclusive: Jessica Alba And Family Out For Lunch In Brentwo





Celebrity Moms in Hollywood

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Over 40 and still rockin’ a killer bod. Madonna shows the world how to conquer the world while being the queen bee hot mama.

We don’t know how some of Hollywood’s A-list ladies find the time to pop out a baby while recording, shooting, designing or touring. At celebgawking, we salute the working mom who can juggle it all. Some of the women we wanted to mention have been moms for a while and then of course we have a slew of new moms on the scene. Read below to check out how some celeb moms got their bodies back in shape, how motherhood changed them and whether they plan to have more.


Jessica Alba not only looked beautiful while pregnant but continues to look fabulous with her daughter Honor Marie stuck at her hip. She shed 25 lbs of baby weight within two months after giving birth with help from her long time trainer Ramona Braganza and by doing a mix of cardio, circuit and core training. She claims to have worked hard to lose the weight by training 5 to 6 days a week and following a low carb diet.


A stint on The Simple Life with BFF Paris Hilton and another stint in rehab after driving the wrong way down the freeway. Nicole Richie’s life has always been far from boring. Fast forward to the present and Nicole Richie has a rocker baby daddy (Joel Madden) and a gorgeous baby girl, Harlow. She is also preggars with their second child. Nicole’s stunning new jewelry line, House of Harlow, is also named after her first-born. Motherhood has also made her more active in saving the world. Nicole has taken joined the ranks of Hollywood do-gooder by getting involved with helping the rape victims in the Congo. A video on her website asks consumers not to buy certain goods that helps fund the feuding militia in the war-torn country.


 Christina Aguilera is all grown up but hasn’t lost her glamour in this photo shoot with son Max Bratman. The hot mama admits her childbirth experience  inspired her to begin her next album. A slew of Target ads is the only thing we have seen Christina performing lately but we are sure she’ll be back on tour after her next album.

halle berry zoo 4 300808

Halle Berry may have had some tough luck in the game of love but she finally won her pot of gold with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. The result? Her one-year old daughter Nahla. If only they would spread some of those good genes around to the rest of us.


Who made this adorable creature you ask?


 These two ridiculously good-looking people! Matthew McConaughy started dating Brazilian bombshell Camila Alves and the couple gave birth to little Levi Alves McConaughy. Apparently the family that plays together stays together..they’ve already taken little Levi surfing. Camila, a handbag designer and host on Shear Genius Season 3,  attributes her rapid weight loss to breast-feeding.


 Two popular rockers make one interesting family…


After having two sons Kingston & Zuma, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are taking a little breather before adding to their family. Let’s see what sort of musical genes Kingstona and Zuma inherit from mom and dad.


Jennifer Lopez has taken the world by storm and now her twins are probably being reared to do the same. Perhaps little Max & Emme will also have a recording deal, a perfume line, a clothing empire, several movies and a hubby who like, sings or something.


Kate Hudson and her son Ryder have a close bond and some stuff in common-like great hair. Here the duo look tres chic as they pose for a spread in a 2008 issue of Vogue. How many kids can say they did that!


 We loved her in Beverly Hills 90210 and here Tory Spelling is proving she can rebound after a very public fallout with her mother and recent scrutiny about her weight. She’s got book deals, a reality show and a return appearance on the new Beverly Hills 90210 on the CW. Things are looking up. Oh and we almost forgot, she has two cute kids too.


We have always loved Demi Moore. We adored her in St. Elmo’s Fire, loved her raspy voice in A Few Good Men and applauded her efforts to grace us with her presence on twitter. We also think she’s done a damn fine job of raising her daughters out of the Hollywood spotlight for a decent part of their developmental years. We look forward to seeing what happens next with Scout, Rumer and Tallulah. And did we mention she has a hottie for a husband. If we have to tell you who he is, please come out from under the rock from which you have been hiding and join the rest of us.


Suri Cruise is probably one of the most photographed little girl in the world. Her parents were nicknamed “TomKat” and now Suri’s been coined” TomKitten” by the media. Her recent 3rd birthday had all the bells and whistles with Disney-esque characters and a trampoline. Let’s hope she doesn’t grow up a Hollywood hot mess.


We have always wondered about the wonderful world that is Madonna. There have always been rumors that the Material Girl does not allow pizza in the kitchen or cartoons on the television. Her Malawi snub to adopt again may have delayed her recent plans to add to her family, but we are pretty sure Madonna will find a way to get her next baby back.


 We loved the Spice Girls back in the day, including Posh Spice. Victoria Beckham sure cleans up nicely and grabbed herself a super hot hubby athlete who gave her three sons” Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. And no matter where Posh is photographed she always manages to look flawless. Damn her….


Victoria Beckhman lives the good life. We know, it’s not fair to be this skinny and have as many nice shoes and a hot husband. We also don’t think she has ever had a bad hair day. One can always dream….

Brooklyn Beckham, Romeo Beckham, Cruz Beckham, Victoria Beckham

 She was a Baywatch star that we adored and recently a “butt” of jokes  during Fashion Week when she walked the runway for designer Richie Rich. Pam Anderson, mother of two boys with her on again off again ex Tommy Lee, still wears the crown for best Malibu Barbie Mom. We only hope we can still have that body over 40!


Britney Spears was a hot mess but her comeback has been a welcome one. We all know the big circus that was her life but at least she has come back strong. Sean Preston and Jayden James have survived and we hope that once and for all the drama is over.


 Now I think you know who mother of the year goes to..do we need to say it?


The clan keeps getting bigger and bigger and apparently rumor has it-they are not done yet. We have watched as photogs capture the Brangelina dragging their kids across the globe doing normal things like going to the zoo or taking a trip to the supermarket.


Pretty soon one child of every continent will make up the Jolie-Pitt clan. What we want to know is how many kids will it take them to get married? Have trouble keeping all the names straight? We do to, so here’s a little refresher and this is not not the exact order but we did the best we could. Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and the twins Know and Vivienne.



Celebrity Sibling Rivalry

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The Kardashian Sisters storming Melrose Avenue
The Kardashian Sisters storming Melrose Avenue

  Things siblings should share: good genes, clothing, a shop called DASH. Things they shouldn’t share? Boyfriends, perfume deals and one mother as an agent to all three of you!

THE Party Sisters

THE Party Sisters

Celebs have families just like the rest of us and like the old saying goes, blood is thicker than water. Who better to watch your own back then your brother or sister? Hollywood’s hot list is fast becoming a family affair and those sibling rivalries are now powerful partnerships on the red carpet. (Umm hello Hilton sisters). Talent clearly runs in the family of some of our favorites below. Here’s a few gene pools we would love to steal.


Lindsay & Ali Lohan share  controversial lives and an even more controversial family. Ali is trying to keep up with her talented older sis by recording music and auditioning like crazy to become the next Disney star.


Hilary Duff may have come onto the Hollywood scene  first but her sis Haylie is pretty talented too. Both are sitting pretty after their collaboration on Mean Girls.


We all know know Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen but there is another Olsen rising in the ranks. Elizabeth Olsen is one of their younger siblings and the 20-year-old is rising fast amongst the  socialite ranks of NYC. She also has a clothing line named after her, Elizabeth & James.  

Watch out it's the Wilson Bros.

Watch out it's the Wilson Bros.

 They are both cute, lovable and very funnny. How can you not love Luke & Owen Wilson? Luke was brilliant in Rushmore and we love his nerdy alter ego. Owen was lovable in Marley & Me and hysterical in Zoolander.


Penelope Cruz is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses in Hollywood as we speak. But did you know she has a sister equally as talented and equally as gorgeous? (Monica is has her own fashion collection with Mango). Talk about a perfect gene pool.


One is a newlywed while the other is a momma. Both are stunning and both can sing. Occasionally you will catch Solange in ad campaigns for House of Dereon, Beyonce’s clothing line with their mom.

A low key birthday celebration for Paris this year

A low key birthday celebration for Paris this year

For quite some time these two siblings were THE socialite sisters. They were very good at running the press rampant with their crimes and  misdemeanors in glamourous nightclubs and ahem…on certain sex tapes. Paris and Nicky Hilton are still hot but dare we say it? Are they slowly flying lower and lower under the radar these days?

The Ronsons are taking over the world

The Ronsons are taking over the world

Two love music, one loves designing dreamy clothes. Meet the newest power trio of siblings, the Ronson Family. Talented DJ Samantha is in the midst of ending a torrid love affair with Lindsay Lohan. Samantha’s twin is Charlotte Ronson, a successful fashion designer and Angeleno social queen bee. Brother Mark is a music DJ and producer of several well known artists. These “Royal Ronson” pics from Harper’s Bazaar do the trio justice in their Royal Tenebaums photo shoot.


Jessica Simpson hit it big when she married her prince and inked a reality show deal with MTV. Fast forward now and Jessica’s baby sis has seemed to steal some Jess’s thunder. Jessica is now divorced from her first hubby Nick Lachey, while Ashlee has found her prince charming in Fall Out Boy’s Peter Wentz, gave birth to their son and had a royal Hollywood wedding. We are hoping Jess will catch up soon with her new country music career and Tony Romo romance.


Prince Harry & Prince William are official royalty and also a favorite with the ladies. We wait with baited breath to see which one of these lads gets hitched first.


Both have blonde ambition, kids and neither are married. Britney jumpstarted her career with Disney and Nickolodeon got Jamie Lynn her fame. They talk alot a like, dress alot a like but one makes a little more money than the other. But like the old say going, more mondey, more problems.


Audrina Patridge may be a Hill’s  star but we hope we will see more of her sister Casey now that Audrina is rumored  to be in the works for her own reality show.


Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven are known for the super close sis/bro relationship. James has said he had gotten involved in philanthropy causes because of advice from his sis.


So Breanna Conrad tried, really tried to follow in sisters Lauren’s footsteps by also allowing cameras to follow her every move in Laguna Beach. But  only Lauren really succeeded in the reality show game. But Breanna we give you an A for effort.


We couldn’t forget our favorite E! Reality family, the Kardashians. Kim, Khourtney and Khloe are all fab and admit it-you love to watch them bitch and bicker on air.




Celebs to Style Icons

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Style Sweetheart Sarah Jessica Parker
Style Sweetheart Sarah Jessica Parker

If someone were to pen a memoir on how to survive in Hollywood, the advice would maybe include some the following. Hold onto your looks for as long as humanly possible. Find projects (or reality shows) that show off your fabulous talents. If you start to get bored or career success begins to wane have publicist get you on Dancing with the Stars. Or do what Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan and Justin Timberlake have all done-start a fashion line.



Jennifer Lopez sets her standard for style

Jennifer Lopez sets her standard for style

 Today celebs are not only taking over magazine covers, they are also taking over the racks as designers. Now at Celebgawking, we don’t think everyone should be designing clothes in an already over-satuturated market(ahem….House of Dereon). But there are some celebrities, whose constant ability to dress and impress, have us waiting with baited breath to see what they wear next (Kate Moss). 

Two very rich style savants: The Olsen Twins

Two very rich style savants: The Olsen Twins

The first rule of successful celeb fashion lines: don’t start unless you have been appropriately photographed on looking nothing less than perfect on the red carpet. When not to not to start your own line? When you routinely make the worst dressed list or Joan Rivers unmercifully tears you apart on E!. You know who you are. Perhaps they can follow the footsteps of some of these fashion-forward folks below. All of whom hope to be a name in your closet sometime in the near future.


Gwen Stefani successful with L.A.M.B.

Gwen Stefani successful with L.A.M.B.

 You may have loved her music, now you can love her clothes. Gwen Stefani has proven her talent on the radio waves and for the past few years her fashion line, L.A.M.B.  has been growing fast and furious. Some of her famous peers love Gwen’s stuff as well fr0m Reese Witherspoon to Cameron Diaz.



Reese WItherspoon wearing L.A.M.B. at a recent event

Reese WItherspoon wearing L.A.M.B. at a recent event

 You may remember a few years ago that Kate Moss got herself into a bucket load of trouble. However her career as a model and endorsing high end labels has now helped her launch her own brand at TopShop.

Kate Moss at TopShop

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen have one of the few fashion lines flourishing in this crap economy.  Elizabeth & James  can be found at high-end boutiques.




The Olsen twins have had their fare share of experience flaunting their style over the years.  When they started their line The Row, they unleashed a fair amount of high end fashion for those that appreciated clothing as much as they did. Those with smaller wallets however will appreciate their new line Elizabeth & James, named after two of their younger siblings.


Sarah Jessica Parker may wear haute couture on a regular basis but it doesn’t mean she can’t designer for the “every” gal. Her line, Bitten, was created to be laid back, fun and cute just like it’s creator. Although Steve & Barry’s, the store that carried her line, is out of business, we hope to see her clothes reappear at another department store soon.



David Arquette has always had a unique way of dressing and now you can follow the yellow brick road to his fashion influence with his new line, Propr. Arquette started the eco-friendly fashion line with musician Ben Harper as an ode to everything unique and vintage. Arquette considers Propr an affordable luxury brand that carries both mens and womenswear. Check out a video of Arquette & Harper’s unique culmination here. David Arquette coming to a closet near you….



We like Justin with or without his denim.

We know he can sing and dance and score gorgeous girlfriends. Is there anything Justin Timberlake can’t do? Apparently not now that he adds another notch on his belt with his denim line William Rast. We’ve seen some of his girlfriends, past and present wearing his jeans and now you can too.



We know, you’re sick of hearing about Lauren Conrad and how much we love her and how sad she is leaving The Hills. The Lauren Conrad Collection may be halting for a while due to the economy but we have a feeling she’ll be back someday soon. The fifth and last season of LC on The Hills premieres tonight.


Nicole Richie has created a line of jewelry so that everyone can have the same haute hippie style she embraces. Named after her daughter, House of Harlow can be found at Kitson.

Nicole Richie in BlackBook Magazine
Nicole Richie in BlackBook Magazine

Gwyneth Paltrow is up next to add her signature on a brand of lux -like clothing. The line, Zoetee’s Loves Gwyneth, will be announced in London in the next few weeks. Expect casual wear and 70’s-inspired glam from Gwyneth’s collection debut.