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Style Sweetheart Sarah Jessica Parker
Style Sweetheart Sarah Jessica Parker

If someone were to pen a memoir on how to survive in Hollywood, the advice would maybe include some the following. Hold onto your looks for as long as humanly possible. Find projects (or reality shows) that show off your fabulous talents. If you start to get bored or career success begins to wane have publicist get you on Dancing with the Stars. Or do what Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan and Justin Timberlake have all done-start a fashion line.



Jennifer Lopez sets her standard for style

Jennifer Lopez sets her standard for style

 Today celebs are not only taking over magazine covers, they are also taking over the racks as designers. Now at Celebgawking, we don’t think everyone should be designing clothes in an already over-satuturated market(ahem….House of Dereon). But there are some celebrities, whose constant ability to dress and impress, have us waiting with baited breath to see what they wear next (Kate Moss). 

Two very rich style savants: The Olsen Twins

Two very rich style savants: The Olsen Twins

The first rule of successful celeb fashion lines: don’t start unless you have been appropriately photographed on looking nothing less than perfect on the red carpet. When not to not to start your own line? When you routinely make the worst dressed list or Joan Rivers unmercifully tears you apart on E!. You know who you are. Perhaps they can follow the footsteps of some of these fashion-forward folks below. All of whom hope to be a name in your closet sometime in the near future.


Gwen Stefani successful with L.A.M.B.

Gwen Stefani successful with L.A.M.B.

 You may have loved her music, now you can love her clothes. Gwen Stefani has proven her talent on the radio waves and for the past few years her fashion line, L.A.M.B.  has been growing fast and furious. Some of her famous peers love Gwen’s stuff as well fr0m Reese Witherspoon to Cameron Diaz.



Reese WItherspoon wearing L.A.M.B. at a recent event

Reese WItherspoon wearing L.A.M.B. at a recent event

 You may remember a few years ago that Kate Moss got herself into a bucket load of trouble. However her career as a model and endorsing high end labels has now helped her launch her own brand at TopShop.

Kate Moss at TopShop

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen have one of the few fashion lines flourishing in this crap economy.  Elizabeth & James  can be found at high-end boutiques.




The Olsen twins have had their fare share of experience flaunting their style over the years.  When they started their line The Row, they unleashed a fair amount of high end fashion for those that appreciated clothing as much as they did. Those with smaller wallets however will appreciate their new line Elizabeth & James, named after two of their younger siblings.


Sarah Jessica Parker may wear haute couture on a regular basis but it doesn’t mean she can’t designer for the “every” gal. Her line, Bitten, was created to be laid back, fun and cute just like it’s creator. Although Steve & Barry’s, the store that carried her line, is out of business, we hope to see her clothes reappear at another department store soon.



David Arquette has always had a unique way of dressing and now you can follow the yellow brick road to his fashion influence with his new line, Propr. Arquette started the eco-friendly fashion line with musician Ben Harper as an ode to everything unique and vintage. Arquette considers Propr an affordable luxury brand that carries both mens and womenswear. Check out a video of Arquette & Harper’s unique culmination here. David Arquette coming to a closet near you….



We like Justin with or without his denim.

We know he can sing and dance and score gorgeous girlfriends. Is there anything Justin Timberlake can’t do? Apparently not now that he adds another notch on his belt with his denim line William Rast. We’ve seen some of his girlfriends, past and present wearing his jeans and now you can too.



We know, you’re sick of hearing about Lauren Conrad and how much we love her and how sad she is leaving The Hills. The Lauren Conrad Collection may be halting for a while due to the economy but we have a feeling she’ll be back someday soon. The fifth and last season of LC on The Hills premieres tonight.


Nicole Richie has created a line of jewelry so that everyone can have the same haute hippie style she embraces. Named after her daughter, House of Harlow can be found at Kitson.

Nicole Richie in BlackBook Magazine
Nicole Richie in BlackBook Magazine

Gwyneth Paltrow is up next to add her signature on a brand of lux -like clothing. The line, Zoetee’s Loves Gwyneth, will be announced in London in the next few weeks. Expect casual wear and 70’s-inspired glam from Gwyneth’s collection debut.




  1. Is BITTEN still around.. Steve & Barry’s use to carry them but they went out of biz. I wore my BITTEN thong sandals this weekend during that great weather! I find SJP’s cheap line to be very durable and comfy!

  2. i love the olsens, their style is flawless!


  3. That’s a long list of celebs not from the fashion world making a name for the brand. Love the William Rast jeans! And Reese looks sexy in the Gwen Stafani L.A.M.B. piece. Anyone up for the No Doubt concert I heard is coming up?

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  6. Sarah Jessice Parker is very pretty but she does not have a flawless skin complexion `

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