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Celebrity Sibling Rivalry

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The Kardashian Sisters storming Melrose Avenue
The Kardashian Sisters storming Melrose Avenue

  Things siblings should share: good genes, clothing, a shop called DASH. Things they shouldn’t share? Boyfriends, perfume deals and one mother as an agent to all three of you!

THE Party Sisters

THE Party Sisters

Celebs have families just like the rest of us and like the old saying goes, blood is thicker than water. Who better to watch your own back then your brother or sister? Hollywood’s hot list is fast becoming a family affair and those sibling rivalries are now powerful partnerships on the red carpet. (Umm hello Hilton sisters). Talent clearly runs in the family of some of our favorites below. Here’s a few gene pools we would love to steal.


Lindsay & Ali Lohan share  controversial lives and an even more controversial family. Ali is trying to keep up with her talented older sis by recording music and auditioning like crazy to become the next Disney star.


Hilary Duff may have come onto the Hollywood scene  first but her sis Haylie is pretty talented too. Both are sitting pretty after their collaboration on Mean Girls.


We all know know Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen but there is another Olsen rising in the ranks. Elizabeth Olsen is one of their younger siblings and the 20-year-old is rising fast amongst the  socialite ranks of NYC. She also has a clothing line named after her, Elizabeth & James.  

Watch out it's the Wilson Bros.

Watch out it's the Wilson Bros.

 They are both cute, lovable and very funnny. How can you not love Luke & Owen Wilson? Luke was brilliant in Rushmore and we love his nerdy alter ego. Owen was lovable in Marley & Me and hysterical in Zoolander.


Penelope Cruz is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses in Hollywood as we speak. But did you know she has a sister equally as talented and equally as gorgeous? (Monica is has her own fashion collection with Mango). Talk about a perfect gene pool.


One is a newlywed while the other is a momma. Both are stunning and both can sing. Occasionally you will catch Solange in ad campaigns for House of Dereon, Beyonce’s clothing line with their mom.

A low key birthday celebration for Paris this year

A low key birthday celebration for Paris this year

For quite some time these two siblings were THE socialite sisters. They were very good at running the press rampant with their crimes and  misdemeanors in glamourous nightclubs and ahem…on certain sex tapes. Paris and Nicky Hilton are still hot but dare we say it? Are they slowly flying lower and lower under the radar these days?

The Ronsons are taking over the world

The Ronsons are taking over the world

Two love music, one loves designing dreamy clothes. Meet the newest power trio of siblings, the Ronson Family. Talented DJ Samantha is in the midst of ending a torrid love affair with Lindsay Lohan. Samantha’s twin is Charlotte Ronson, a successful fashion designer and Angeleno social queen bee. Brother Mark is a music DJ and producer of several well known artists. These “Royal Ronson” pics from Harper’s Bazaar do the trio justice in their Royal Tenebaums photo shoot.


Jessica Simpson hit it big when she married her prince and inked a reality show deal with MTV. Fast forward now and Jessica’s baby sis has seemed to steal some Jess’s thunder. Jessica is now divorced from her first hubby Nick Lachey, while Ashlee has found her prince charming in Fall Out Boy’s Peter Wentz, gave birth to their son and had a royal Hollywood wedding. We are hoping Jess will catch up soon with her new country music career and Tony Romo romance.


Prince Harry & Prince William are official royalty and also a favorite with the ladies. We wait with baited breath to see which one of these lads gets hitched first.


Both have blonde ambition, kids and neither are married. Britney jumpstarted her career with Disney and Nickolodeon got Jamie Lynn her fame. They talk alot a like, dress alot a like but one makes a little more money than the other. But like the old say going, more mondey, more problems.


Audrina Patridge may be a Hill’s  star but we hope we will see more of her sister Casey now that Audrina is rumored  to be in the works for her own reality show.


Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven are known for the super close sis/bro relationship. James has said he had gotten involved in philanthropy causes because of advice from his sis.


So Breanna Conrad tried, really tried to follow in sisters Lauren’s footsteps by also allowing cameras to follow her every move in Laguna Beach. But  only Lauren really succeeded in the reality show game. But Breanna we give you an A for effort.


We couldn’t forget our favorite E! Reality family, the Kardashians. Kim, Khourtney and Khloe are all fab and admit it-you love to watch them bitch and bicker on air.




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