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Celebfest at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner

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Last year the annual “prom” of journalists and big time politicos brought the likes of Perez Hilton, Pam Anderson and Heidi Montag. This year Obamamania has turned the fundraising dinner into a celebrity-soaked, action packed weekend. Hollywood invaded DC this past weekend and celebgawking was there for all the fun for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Sadly, we had only had our blackberry camera, so please pardon the fuzzy images. The rest of these images are compliments of the talented photogs we share the red carpet with, thanks guys.


So many media outlets, so many cocktails, so little time….

White House Correspondents Association

Ashton twittered while looked just stunning Demi. Saturday was the first time we saw her in person so we are still a little bit in awe…we walked in behind them and they are flaw…..less.

The weekend-long fun began Friday night, with the Time/People Party at the St. Regis where Ludacris and Kevin Bacon were just a few people to stick their heads in the lavish cocktail party.  The Creative Coalition came back to screen Barry Levinson’s documentary Poliwood at the Naval Museum that included a Q & A and a chance to mingle at a cocktail reception with Dana Delaney, Rachel Leigh Cook, Tim Daly and Kerry Washington. The Impact Film Fund hosted a hush-hush party at L2 with a spotting of Luke Russert and Bradley Cooper. The next morning was Tammy Haddad’s for her annual brunch  that draws a hefty collection of media power players.


We didn’t meet First Lady  Michelle Obama Saturday night, but we did meet the talented man who designed her Inaugural gown, Jason Wu.


Jason Wu, as adorable as he was, couldn’t give us a straight answer on what celeb he’d like to dress next…


A very camera friendly Meghan McCain was very happy to pose for the paps.


Ashton Kutcher, looking very handsome in his suit, received a happy welcome by a throng of screaming teenagers in the lobby of the Washington Hilton. Here he is walking with Wolf Blitzer into the dinner.


The cute couple shares a private moment in a room filled with screaming photogs and screaming teenagers.


Elizabeth Banks turned heads inside the pre-dinner cocktail reception.


Demi & Tyra mingling with peeps in the Time/People/CNN reception.


The hottest girl from The Office, Rashida Jones, walked the red carpet with a big smile at the Washington Hilton.


The Old Adventures of New Christine star, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, did not attempt to dance like Elaine.


Kyra Sedgwick with daughter Sosie Bacon and hubbby Kevin Bacon in the background.

On Saturday night the Washington Hilton opened it’s doors for the 3500 people who jam-packed the White House Correspondents Association Dinner.  A line of black SUVs snaked up and down Connecticut Avenue and unloaded some serious A-list royalty. A red carpet packed with photogs, paparazzi and hundreds of screaming fans  dying for Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (who were in serious conversation with Wolf Blitzer as they headed in). Julia Louis-Dreyfus kept getting her long train stepped on and Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon brought daughter Sosie Bacon along for the night.


Amber Tamberlyn, in a shocking red Carolina Herrera Couture gown, claims her pretty hairstyle was held together by a bunch of bobby pins. When did bobby pins look so fab?


Here is a clear shot of Amberlyn’s gown when she hit the red carpet at the Washington Hilton earlier…

Glenn Close wore a white and black print dress and smiled, a lot. Felicity Huffman and her hubby William H. Macy looked thrilled as well. Amber Tamberlyn wore a shocking red Caroline Herrera Couture gown that was so beautiful it would make you cry. Johnathon Rhys Myers is even better looking in person, if you can believe that.


Natalie Portman, in a cut out Balenciaga gown, was a guest of Newsweek.


Gossip Girl cast members Chace Crawford and Matthew Settle. We know Matthew Settle was staying at the Washington Hilton and that his suit was a loaner.


Tom Cruise & Katie holmes were guests at the Vanity Fair table inside. Katie is earing some threads from her new fahsion line.
Party-goers went wild for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who were incredibly charming, posed for pictures  and gave autographs inside the Time/People/CNN Cocktail Reception. We saw Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl take some friendly photo-ops with a gaggle of women following his every move. We wondered if Natalie Portman was going to accidentally pop out of her intricate dress and we wondered what Eva Longoria and Gordon Ramsey were talking about in the corner with Ramsey’s wife. Trading recipes perhaps? We doubt it. Jason Bateman got trapped in a throng of fans as he tried to make his way from the National Journal reception. We really wanted to ask Amy Poehler if her new baby looked more like her or hubby Will Arnett.


Jason Bateman was gracious as dozens of people followed him from spot to the next.


Jason Binn’s Fourth Annual Capitol File After Party was 600 people deep inside the Corcoran Musuem of Art.

Afterwards if you weren’t one of the chosen few to make into the totally inaccessible Bloomberg/Vanity Fair Party  the second best party to gain entry was the Fourth Annual Capitol File After Party hosted by CEO Jason Binn of Niche Media at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Eva Longoria swept by looking tiny and perfect hugging designer Jason Wu, like a long-lost pal. Christian Slater was one of the first celebs to arrive and one of the last to leave. White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel makes TMZ in this video clip.


Eva Longoria swept by the press line in a gown by Ports 1962 by Tia Cibini gown, but still posed for a few photogs before being swept upstairs at the Capitol File After Party at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.


Here’s a better shot of Eva with her pal, fashion designer Jason Wu, who really liked Michell Obama’s Michael Kors dress and necklace.


Chris Tucker is even funnier in real life! Forest and Keisha Whitaker mingled with guests and took pictures with party-goers. Top Chef’s, Padma Lakshimi, walked around looking stunning in a purple gown and Ludacris brought his mom for a pre-Mother’s Day celebration. We really like Meghan McCain, who was barefoot by the end of the night due to sore feet from high, strappey heels. American Idol judge, Karla DioGuardi was ten times nicer than Simon Cowell and Wanda Sykes showed up late, made the rounds in VIP and walked out the front door at 1:27am.  New dress for celebgawking: $100, gift bag at the Fourth Annual Capitol File After Party: $350, memories of celebgawking’s first White House Correspondents’ Weekend: priceless.

is our favorite Top Chef.Lakshimi Padma


A collection of Niche Media’s great glossies…..


A very unglamorous a red carpet  at the end of a long night….

  1. Oh wow! How much fun was this weekend in DC! Hated to miss it all.. but a good friend’s wedding is probably one of the few things worth it! Thanks for the recap!

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