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Join the John Mayer fan club

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A memorable response from John Mayer on Gawker.com last week.

You may love him or hate him.  You may not want to admit it, but you can’t help it. John Mayer is a bad ass.  For starters he’s a seven-time Grammy Award winner. The talented musician/Hollywood Heartbreaker/Youtube funny guy is also pretty easy on the eyes. No wonder Jennifer Aniston keeps coming back for more.


 Mayer celebrated his 32nd birthday on October 16th so we thought it would be nice to give our favorite musically inclined heartbreaker an entire posting dedicated to his talents and his talented arm candy. The musically talented Mayer has proven he is not only quick with the tongue but also with the ladies. So you may ask yourself, what makes John Mayer so damn irresistable? Maybe it’s because you can’t escape him. He Tweets, he creates funny videos with a long laundry list of famous friends and has routine appearances on red carpets to TMZ .

John Mayer says “Who Says” isn’t about smoking pot. It is, judging from this video, about the fabulous happenings in the average day of John Mayer.


Jessica Simpson couldn’t help but fall head over heels for Mayer after her marriage with Nick Lachey came to a screeching halt. Jessica swapped her blonde locks for darker tresses and was suddenly sporting rocker t-shirts as she followed Mayer on his tour bus.


John’s brief history with Minka Kelly was decidedly more low-key. Their drama-free existence lasted less than a year when they broke up in 2008. rumors circulated that he was still dating the Friday Night Lights star when he hooked up with Jennifer Aniston, but the two appeared to have remained good friends after their amicable break up.


We’ll admit, we never saw this coming. When Mayer and Aniston were first spotted while she was filming her movie “Marley & Me” in Miami, the media frenzy began. The two did their best to remain low-key, only to become “the” couple on the red carpet at the 2009 Oscars. They broke up shortly after but reunited briefly for Aniston’s 40th birthday celebration. Aniston was rumored to have been dating co-stars  Bradley Cooper and Gerad Butler since then, but nothing has really panned out for the Friends star. However reports this month have stated the Aniston and Mayer are back on.


The good ole’ days. They broke up back in 2002 but we will always wonder if Jennifer Love Hewitt was the inspiration behind Your Body is a Wonderland.

Finally, you may not like John Mayer’s lyrics, his rants and raves against reporters on the red carpet or even his choice in women but we you can’t help but fall for his entertaining tactics. Look for his new album, Battle Studies, which will be released on November 17th.

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Kristin Cavallari…….It’s on bitches!

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It’s on bitches……that was the theme of last week’s Season 5 Premier of The Hills on MTV. Lauren Conrad may be stepping down from her throne but MTV is hoping Kristina Cavallari will add a little spice to the line up. Critics don’t seem to think Cavallari has enough “it” factor to keep the shows ratings, but only time will tell. Eager to amp up the drama, the first episode of season 5 kicked off with a bang. The claws are already out between Kristin and Audrina Patridge and we wonder how long it will be before these two tear each other’s eyes out.  We thought we’d kick off an exciting MTV season of Hollywood’s incubator of love, lies and lust with a little photo-collage  of Kristin. After dating the likes of Brody Jenner (where Cavallari described their sex as “vanilla”) and fending off advances from John Mayer (he claims he did not “Bartle her James” or “Benson her Hedges”) -we are dying to know what’s so special about this gal? Maybe it’s the bikini bod or as bad-boy Justin Bobby said last week, Kristin’s just a different “weather” Hmm, interesting analogy.

Check out this video if you want to see how Audrina Patridge really feels about Kristin Cavallari.


We’re very curious to know how much Kristin Cavallari is making for her new role on The Hills…some say it could be as much as $63,000  per episode. Others have reported it could be even more. 


Was she ever really innocent and sweet? We doubt it! Kristin doing the preppy-look while on the show Laguna Beach


In earlier days with her then Vanilla-esque boytoy Brody Jenner


Kristen’s home away from home…Malibu Beach


Heating up the red carpet at the MTV Music Awards with Katy Perry


Kristin Cavallari told Ryan Seacrest that she didn’t go out with John Mayer because she didn’t want to be another notch in his belt.


 Remember Jason Wahler? Where is he now???

Stars Out at Area

Catch The Hills Season 5 on MTV, Tuesday nights at 10PM EST.


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