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Young Hollywood…love in the trenches

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To be part of young Hollywood royalty often means trading in proms and nights at the mall for long days on film sets far from the classroom. These tween stars may walk more red carpets than homecoming dances but it doesn’t mean they can’t  find time for a little romance.

Photo Mark Seliger  Harper’s Bazaar

They’re back……….With the New Moon premiere only days away, we thought it only appropriate to have a little ode to the two biggest tween stars on the planet right now, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. We adore this pic shot by Mark Seliger for an upcoming issue of  Harper’s Bazaar.


Someone needs to tell these two that they are not fooling anyone….


Another hot hook up we love is from Slumdog Millionaire. Freida Pinto may be 5 years older than Dev Patel, but age is only a number right?


She’s a Kanye West-surviving pop star who recently nailed a stint on Saturday Night Live.  Then she picked up Entertainer of the Year at the Country Music Awards this past week. He’s the hot, shirtless guy in New Moon.


T & T, or Taylor Swift and Taylour Lautner, met while shooting Valentine’s Day. Swift use to date a Jonas Brother while Lautner use to date Selena Gomez. We’ve caught them hanging out a few times and speculation about their budding romance was even worked into one of Swift’s musical skits on SNL.


Hottest woman on the planet Megan Fox met  90’s teen star Brian Austin Green in 2004. The two have been on again/off again since quietly ending their engagement last February.


We’re guessing it is probably hard to date the hottest woman in the world. Especially if  you’re possibly the most uninteresting man in the world.


Tweens Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas are a Disney dream come true. The two met while filming Camp Rock and have been hanging out more and more. With some parental units present of course.


She heats up the CW’s 90210 and he’s part of the Twilight on the Team Edward side. AnnaLynn Cord & Kellan Lutz have been breaking up and making up since 2008.


Before Twilight & Gossip Girl, these two met while hitting the books in college.


Twilight star Ashley Greene and Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford have known each other for quite some time. But apparently old habits are hard to break.


Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are one of our favorite pretty Disney couples. We can’t help but love them. And we have never watched HSM.


We have a little confession to make. We don’t watch Gossip Girl for the intriguing storylines. We watch it for the fabulous clothes that Blake Lively gets to drape across her fab body and for her off-screen love Penn Badgley.


More Gossip Girl royalty. I know, they are so pretty you want a makeover and stat. Jessica Szhor & Ed Westwick. xoxo


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