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In Fitness, Starlets on January 4, 2010 at 1:56 am

It’s January and once again you have a laundry list of resolutions.  Is reaching your physical best a goal for 2010? You may think A-listers look fab and fit by spending hours on the treadmill. But you can get the same star-quality body without logging hours at the gym or spending big bucks. Get the fitness secrets of stars with some motivating advice from their personal trainers.

What do Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Cox and Kate Hudson all have in common? Amazing bodies.  However, these A-list ladies also turn to the same woman for help keeping their svelte figures.

Celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson shapes bodies by creating small yet lean muscles. Anderson’s customized regimens allow any woman to attain the body of their dreams with unique moves and high repetitions. No time for the gym? Feeling lazy? No worries. Anderson’s method also includes a simple routine that you can follow at home with a towel. You can learn how to do her “Under Arm Flab Fighter” move below.

Don’t live in NYC or LA to get to one of Tracy Anderson’s studios? Try some of  her methods yourself with Tracy’s online webisodes.  Dance addicts can check out Anderson’s Perfect Design Series-Sequence I and Dance Cardio 2 at andersonmethod.com.

The Hills star Audrina Patridge is known for her enviable abs and super-toned limbs. What’s her secret? A new workout called Reebok’s Jukari Fit-to-Fly.

The inspiration behind this tough workout evolved from Cirque du Soleil trapeze artists and involves hanging from a trapeze contraption from the ceiling. You’ll engage your core muscles while working on both balance and strength. Now, you may not live in a city that currently offers Jukari just yet. However you can try to  mimic some of the moves like the Woodpecker, in your own gym.

When New Moon star Ashley Greene needed to prepare for some intensely physical scenes, she knew her Pilates regimen wasn’t going to be enough. Her personal trainer put her though a series of tough workouts but also tried to find activities she enjoyed to keep her moving while also having fun. Greene says she tried everything from kayaking and hiking to yoga and martial arts. MMA or Mixed Martial Arts was also a big part of her training an you can get a similar technique at home with some of their DVD’s.

How does Vanessa Hudgens get this body?

Love Pilates? Enjoy the challenge of boxing? Piloxing is a creative workout in LA and everyone from Hilary Duff to Vanessa Hudgens . Ashely Tisdale also takes advantage of Piloxing’s stress-busting routine. Piloxing creator Viveca Jensen has been turning  bodies sleek and sexy with her inventive fusion of Pilates and Boxing that enables you to feel powerful and strong. Take advantage with her DVD and try Piloxing at home.

In some other countries, Jessica Alba would be a freak of nature with her picture perfect looks and her ability to keep her incredible figure in tip top shape. Even after the birth of her daughter Honor, she whipped herself back into shape under the strict supervision of her trainer, Ramona Braganza. How did she do it?

Braganza told People magazine that after the birth of her baby “She worked out an hour a day, five or six days a week, and stayed on a strict diet of about 1700 calories a day, losing 600 calories because of exercise.” Braganza is also responsible for getting Halle Berry and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz back into post-baby shape.

Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio is known for her amazing assets and her body defies gravity with a little help from Brazilian trainer Leandro Carvalho. Carvallo’s new DVD Brazil Butt Lift takes all the same moves he created for Alessandra. This DVD is an amazing regimen of cardio-sculpting moves taken from martial arts and ballet which help you get your butt firm and tight. Carvalho also has some tips on preventing bloat and keeping yourself healthy. His magic potion? Homemade Ginger tea. Just slice half a ginger root and boil. Cavralho suggests drinking two a day as ginger is a natural antibiotic.

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